Romain Ley - EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner


After 17 years living in the UK, many jobs in performing arts and community settings and two children, I stumbled upon EFT and Matrix Reimprinting following a divorce. This amazing tool helped me heal and work towards becoming the best version of myself. People have always come up to me to tell their stories and happenings. Now I have a tangible tool to share so anyone can learn to explore their patterns, change them to more resourceful ones and acquire the power to take control of their lives and true potential.

I was trained by Master EFT and creator of Matrix Reimprinting Karl Dawson in Brighton in April 2016 and have since been a practitioner and part of his team of helpers on his courses.

I call upon my intuition, compassion and authenticity to guide my clients and use Heart Coherence technique to enhance our work.


               EFT level 1 and 2
  and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner


Cardiac Coherence Practitioner 

I have personally benefitted from EFT and Matrix Reimprinting for physical injuries, relationships (with my partner, parents, children), diet & weight management and addictions.



"For anyone thinking of working with Romain Ley , I would say don't hesitate. Very intuitive practitioner, highly able"


"What sounds like a complex, sci-fi therapy actually turns out to be both simple and wonderfully effective. As a therapist Romain is steady and gifted. He guides me through the recognition and reimagining of the beliefs I hold about myself. I feel liberated and empowered in a very real way. I am so glad this tool is available. It's life changing"


"I loved this therapy. Romain was professional and a great help. It is powerful stuff and has really enabled me to get on with the important things in life. I would thoroughly recommend a series of sessions for anyone wanting to explore themselves. Things are starting to look much better for me these days"